High Elf Ranger


Ror’Ren was a high elf ranger and 1st Sargent in the 7th Division, 35th Battalion of the Kingdom Ahrea.

During the 7th Division’s evacuation of South Ahrea civilians to North Ahrea, Ror’Ren assisted in recovering civilians in the eastern Marshlands for relocation in the friendly Republic of Ia’Nellsa in North Ahrea.

Upon the completion of the main objective, the 7th Division prepared to relocate to North Ahrea in order to regroup with several other Divisions to mount an renewed counter-offensive against the Legion of Vas.

Feeling as if he was able to do more in the regards of rescuing local civilians in the eastern Marshlands from the impending Legion offensive in that region, Ror’Ren volunteered to stay behind in order to assist the remaining civilians. He and a number of other 35th Battalion soldiers were granted approval to do so, and were left behind when the 7th Division pulled out of the Marshlands to reinforce the eastern bridge to North Ahrea.

Ror’Ren paired with 2nd Sargent Addar during the secondary evacuation effort, and the two focused on recovering civilians unaccounted for in the marshlands surrounding the town of Grenden. The two utilized a patrol boat with captured Legion auto-crossbows during their mission, and had a secondary objective of clearing the area of draconian/non-humanoid threats.

Once Ror’Ren and Addar had encountered the party, the two were informed of a new breed of creature known as frogmen. In accordance to their secondary objective, the two assisted the party in clearing a nest of the frogmen creatures. Addar was killed during the skirmish inside the nest, but Ror’Ren was able to rescue a wood elven shaman by the name of Ea’Ha. After destroying the nest with oil and firestones, Ror’Ren recovered Addar’s body for proper burial. He also recovered a body of one of the frogmen creatures, in order to return it to a 7th Division command post in order for research to be conducted on the newly found threat.


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