Ahrea Sidestory: Songs of the East

Session 1
The Town of Grendan

Party arrives in Grendan via the ferry service.
Party is informed of Frogmen that have been attacking other Ferrys serving the Marshlands.
Party meets Nar’Rae at the tavern, and nearly kill her for being a former member of the Legion of Vas. She accompanies the party after the misunderstanding, however, as she has few people in the town to actively trust – finding a companion in the Cleric.
Party decides to seek truth to the rumor of Frogmen outside of Grendan, and hire a ferry.
Party pays Ferry Captain Kolen 10 GP in order to divert from the usual travel path in order to take them to the far shores of the marshland.
An elf named Ola’Dae is frustrated by the time this takes as she’s attempting to return to her homeland, but is quickly shouted down by the party.
Kolen delivers the party to the far shoreline, and informs the party that he will return in 4 days for them.
Borrgus the Paladin joins the party, deciding to desert from his current questing as a Knight Errant in North Ahrea in order to assist the party in a potential life-threatening problem.
Party encounters Giant Frogs on the first day of their travel, and save Tak Skullsplitter from being devoured by one of the creatures.
During the night, the party is awoken by the sounds of multiple croaking noises in the distance. Nar’Rae and The Cleric investigate, and come across a band of the Frogmen. The party manages to kill off this band with relatively little problem.

Party From Grendan
The Cleric
Tak Skullsplitter


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