World of Iellos
Iellos, the World on which Ahrea Sidestory: Songs of the East takes place.

Continents -
Northern Ahrea, the Northern Half of Ahrea
Southern Ahrea, the Southern Half of Ahrea
Harga Island, Island to the Northwest of Northern Ahrea
Alenosa, homeland of the Elves and Gnomes
Bria, homeland of the Dwarves
Norncrast, homeland of Man

Cities of South Ahrea -
Grenden, Human Port Town in the Marshland

Geological Features of Northern Ahrea -
Marshlands, the Northeastern Marshlands.

Locations of Interest in Northern Ahrea -
Temple of Krios, the Shrine to the God Of Night
Frogman Nest, a Frogman nest within the Marshlands


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