Tag: Party


  • Borrgus

    A Knight Errant in the service of King Windsor the 2nd, Borrgus was a traveling Paladin during the 2nd War of the Reign. It is known that Borrgus was wounded during the fighting for the eastern half of South Ahrea during the middle of AC1262, but the …

  • The Cleric

    Nellus asked The Cleric to accept his patronage at a extremely young age, he was only 20 years old when it occurred. He has been travelling ever since then, doing deeds of great pleasure for Nellus.

  • Ea'Ha

    Ea'Ha was a wood elf shaman who lived with her people in a small community within the marshlands. She was taken captive by frogmen after the beasts conducted a raid on her community, though the extent of the attack is not currently known. The party …

  • Ror'Ren

    Ror'Ren was a high elf ranger and 1st Sargent in the 7th Division, 35th Battalion of the Kingdom Ahrea. During the 7th Division’s evacuation of South Ahrea civilians to North Ahrea, Ror'Ren assisted in recovering civilians in the eastern Marshlands for …