Battle Of Shifting Shores

Kingdom Of Ahrea Legion Of Vas
Commanders and Leaders
Captain Ol’Lern (KIA) Unknown Commanding Officer
1st Lieutenant Pekala
2nd Lieutenant Gorrderen (KIA)
22 men 12 men
Casualties and Losses
9 men 7 men

Major Events of the Battle of Shifting Shores

Conflict Ongoing
Stalemate, Pyrrhic Victory for Kingdom Ahrea, Pyrrhic Victory for the Legion of Vas.
35th Battalion’s Civilian Evacuation Force manages to successfully evacuate 98 civilians out of the eastern Aggolan Marshlands. Civilians en route to Grenden.
Captain Ol’Lern of the 35th is killed by rocket fire.
1st Lieutenant Gorrderen is killed by rocket fire.
2nd Sargent Madus of the 35th is killed by rocket fire.
2nd Sargent Dajorn is killed by enemy fire.
Private Ardson is killed by enemy fire.
Private Tordes is killed by rocket fire.
Party of Orlolos is forced to retreat inland.
Legion Of Vas casualties forced retreat.


By late Mardas AC1262, the overall situation for the Kingdom Ahrea’s hold on the Aggolan Marshlands was grim. Elements of the Legion of Vas had managed to plant themselves within the Aggolan Marshlands, and were being reinforced by at least two Divisions that were pressing upwards towards the north. The 7th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea and the Green Guard were the only remaining Kingdom Ahrea forces in the area, along with the 8th Division’s isolated 36th Battalion. With few options left in regards to holding the area much longer, both the 7th and 8th Divisions were ordered to withdraw to North Ahrea and consolidate forces there in order to mount an eventual counteroffensive against the Legion of Vas. With the amount of civilians left behind during the ongoing skirmishes between the Kingdom Ahrea and Legion of Vas throughout the Aggolan Marshlands, multiple volunteers from the 35th Battalion of the Kingdom Ahrea’s 7th Division decided to stay behind in order to evacuate them.

Comprised of five 12-man squads, the so-called “35th Battalion Civilian Evacuation Force” was extremely successful during their two week stint within the Aggolan Marshlands. Led by Captain Ol’Lern as the commanding officer, the Civilian Evacuation Force operated in teams of two to three soldiers using boats and other methods of reaching various villages and settlements that had not previously been informed of the evacuation efforts ongoing from the area.

The first squad in particular was extremely successful, as by late Mardas AC1262 they had managed to gather 101 civilians

Battle Of Shifting Shores

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