Frogmen of Grenden Marsh

The Frogmen of Grenden Marsh were encountered after the Party departed the Marsh Ferry. Reports of ferrymen dying had spread through Grenden and reached the tavern when Tak, Orlolo, and The Cleric heard about it, they knew there was an adventure to be had.

When the ferry took them to their destination, they didn’t discover the Frogmen of Grenden Marsh for a day. In the meantime, the Paladin of Light, Borggus had joined the party. They ventured along the coastline of the marsh until they had encountered giant frogs, but these were not the frogmen that the ferrymen had met their demise at. These frogs were the size of a table, and could swallow a dwarf. Indeed, one of them did swallow Tak the dwarf, but the rest of the party terminated the rest of the frogs and released Tak.

After that encounter, the party set up camp a little ways more into the interior of the coast. All went well, the party was eating their giant-frog jerky, and went to sleep. Orlolo woke up at night to the sound of ribbits, but loud ribbits, coming from a mile or so away.The Cleric and his female counterpart woke up as well, and being the dark elf scamps they were, decided to go and see if it was these frogmen that they heard so much about.

They ventured to where they heard the sounds, with bows at the ready, but they both fell into a sinkhole which made them withdraw into trees. The rest of the party came after the caution-the-wind elves, and within a short amount of time of hearing the splashes, the Frogmen had come about to their location. 7 of them walked in open formationfrogman.jpg

They all spoke in very surprisingly, high upperclass Common accents yet they were as technologically backwards as barbarians, if not more. One wore what could only be extrapolated as very high class clothing, even for other races.

They were quickly dispatched, in a most brutal manner..
The Cleric looted the leader’s body, finding a Twig Monocle that has become most dear to him.

Frogmen of Grenden Marsh

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